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Our mainstay business, the Precious Metal Business, has its establishment in the discovery of the Mochikoshi Mine in 1914. Based on this heritage and the technological developments that ensued,Chugai Mining contributes to global environmental conservation through its recycling business of gold, silver, palladium, and other precious metals by utilizing urban mineral resources (industrial waste).

The reuse of such finite mineral resources play a key role in our continuously evolving industrial society, and it is needless to say that this is our core business that will open our doors into the future.

The newest business development in this mainstay arena is our 24KGP Business utilizing pure gold. Ever since the dawn of history, the most valued of all precious metals by mankind is gold. It tends to have a reputation for glamour that overshadows every other quality, but inour 24KGP process, we bring out its many other qualities as well. We believe there is much demand for such gold in commercial architecture construction, as well as for homes and public facilities.

We hope 24KGP processing will be considered by many clients as a way to add new values to various constructions.

Chugai Mining’s gold bullion is a registered brand with the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

Application Examples The 24KGP Process to Convert Various Designs into Luxurious and Glamorous Decorative Motifs


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