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1932 May. Founded Mochikoshi Mine Co., Ltd. (Capital 1.50 million yen).
1936 Apr. Three companies such as Yakumo Mining Co., Ltd. were merged, and company name changed to Chugai Mining Co., Ltd.
1949 May. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1951 Oct. Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.
1957 Feb. Listed on the Niigata Stock Exchange (acquired and consolidated into the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
1973 May. Established gold and silver recycling facilities atMochikoshi Mine, and commenced the metal refinement business (recycling of the precious metals).
1979 Sep. Opened Osaka Sales Office.
1986 May. Closed Jokoku Mine.
1987 May. Closed Seigoshi Mine.
1987 Jun. Ceased operations of Tsumo Mining Co., Ltd.
1987 Nov. Commenced the business in the real estate and gold plating fields.
1989 Mar. Completed incineration facilities and alkaline recycling facilities at Mochikoshi Plant.
1991 Jan. Established Kofu Analysis Center in Yamanashi Prefecture.
1995 Jan. Established Chugai Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1996 Mar. Acquired shares in Intex Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
1997 Oct. Intex Co., Ltd entered into the machinery business.
1999 Jul. Opened Nagoya Sales Office in Aichi Prefecture.
1999 Jul. Established IR Center.
2000 Nov. Established Chugai Capital Co., Ltd. (now Career Mate Co., Ltd.)
2001 May. Completed new platinum and palladium facilities at Mochikoshi Plant.
2002 Nov. Opened Okachimachi Branch.
2005 Jul. Placement of Internal auditor's office
2005 Aug. Tokyo factory newly constructed and start.
2006 Aug. Opened Okachimachi Minamiguchi Branch.
2007 Mar. Opened Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch.
2007 Jun. Opened Fukuoka Branch.
2007 Nov. Opened Ginza Branch.
2008 Feb. Opened Gotanda Branch.
2008 Jul. Changing division name from "Metal Refining Division" to "Precious Metal Division".
2009 Feb. Opened Sendai Branch.
2009 Apr. Opened Nakaokachimachi Branch.
2011 Feb. Opened Shinokachimachi Branch.
2011 Oct. Opened Yokohama Branch.
2012 Apr. Established Energy Recycling Business Division.
2014 Sep. Discontinued Energy Recycling Business.
2015 Mar. Opened Omiya Branch.
2015 May. Established Contents Business.
2017 Mar. Opened Shinagawa Branch.
2017 Nov. Opened Real Estate Business Okachimachi Branch.

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