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From the Recycling of Precious Metals to the Purchase and Sale of Diamonds and Research on Rare Earths and Rare Metals

The Precious Metals Business Division now manages stores in major cities throughout Japan. It procures raw materials for precious metals such as gold and platinum, which are all refined in-house.

We are also developing a one-stop recycling business that covers everything from stocking materials at our branches throughout Japan and at our Tokyo Plant in Keihinjima to refining, processing, and selling bare metals.

Our branches are our first point of contact with customers. These locations are licensed to deal in antiques, and they follow all national laws (Antique Dealings Act, Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, and office taxation laws). We prevent illegal acts by confirming the identities of individuals, according to the law.

In 2011, we obtained a pawnbroker license from the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission and began operating as a pawnbroker under the trade name, "Chugai Shichisho (Pawnshop)," in order to better suit the needs of our various customers.

A recent issue confronting the industry is conflict minerals, where funds generated from minerals sales (such as gold, in our case) are used to arm antigovernment forces engaged in human rights violations and violence in areas such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries. It is impossible to say that even our refineries, which use only materials created in Japan, are safe from this issue. We are committed to preventing suspicious dealings in addition to following laws and regulations.

Our mainstay precious metal recycling business began with the management of gold mines in 1932. Based on our highly advanced gold and silver refining technologies and a confidence nurtured over many years, we take pride in the quality of our gold bullion, which is traded as a Good Delivery Material at the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).

【Change to carved seal】

In consideration of our expanded focus on global sales, we changed our gold metal TOCOM deliverable grade seal in April 2014.

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